The Care Team

There are few things as shocking as hearing the words “your child has cancer.” You’re now in a battle to save your child's life…but at the same time you’re worrying about the impact on your family, your job, your finances and dozens of other issues.

Many families have to reorganize themselves to keep their psychological, social and spiritual lives intact.

Because cancer is a complex and serious illness, medical management must be supplemented by other types of care. To support patients and their families, oncologists, nurses and other medical providers work with an oncology health care team that may include social workers, psychologists, child life specialists or recreational therapists, nutritionists, clergy, and hospice workers.

The make-up of the team depends on the patient's needs; it is not necessary for an oncology team to have a member from each profession. The number and kind of physicians, specialists, and other professionals on a team depends on many factors.

  • Availability of specialists
  • Extent of the disease at diagnosis
  • Geographic location of care facility
  • Lead physician's opinion
  • Type of treatment chosen

Whatever the composition of the oncology team, members work together to provide the most effective treatment, help the child maintain the best possible quality of life, and support the child and his or her family through the entire process.

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