Gold Ribbon

The gold ribbon is the official symbol for childhood cancer, recognized worldwide by people who have been affected by the tragic reality that many children’s lives are severely, and sometimes fatally, impacted by cancer. Striving for More asks you to help by recognizing this symbol and sharing it with your family, friends, and community. 

Why gold?

Gold represents value, prosperity, and hope. We value our children’s lives, and maintain hope that we can restore prosperity to the lives of children affected by cancer.

What can you do?

By sharing this symbol with your family, friends and community, you can start conversations with people in your networks about the tragedy of childhood cancer and encourage others to join in raising awareness and supporting the cause:

  • Display a gold ribbon on your car, in your home, at your desk at work, or anywhere!
  • Post a gold ribbon to your Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Twitter profile.

Whatever your choice, you can feel good knowing you're playing a part in helping to give these children hope.