Art Therapy - Digital Art Therapy

(Picture: Pediatric Patient Using Her New iPad With Therapist Bridget by

Supporting the tools to extend Art Therapy into the Digital world and resources that allow Arts Programming to expand from the clinic into the in-patient area, is another way Striving For More is supporting children with cancer.

Digital Art Therapy is an effective form of counseling and engagement with the children going through cancer treatment.  Creating digital paintings, collages and illustrations in an easy to use format is a powerful way to engage with the children's fears, anxieties and emotions during treatment.   Art therapists offer valuable resources to the therapy team.

The iPad has the powerful advantage over art supplies of being light and portable.  The iPads can be easily cleaned between uses and can be used in situations where sterile conditions are important.

Striving For More, Inc. is proud to have funded new iPads in 2011 to UNC and Duke for their Art Therapy program. This program is in high demand by the children in the Oncology units of UNC and Duke.