A Welcome Distraction

An artist who specializes in murals, has completed a special project at the Duke University Children's Hopsital. Jeanine Romeo of Artrageous Art completed a jungle scene which embelleshed all four walls of the Procedure Room in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic, an area used daily by children with cancer and thier families. Dr. Wechsler, Chief of Staff for the Pediatric Oncology Unit selected this room because it is often used for painful procedures such as lumbar punctures and he thought the addition of a mural would help distract the children during difficult appointments.

The project, which was funded by Striving for More took several weeks to plan. However, incredibly, it only took one day for Jeanine Romeo to paint the tropical scene. This quick transformation was important to Dr. Wechsler and his staff because the treatment room is used every day to treat the children that come into the clinc.

Jeanine's donation of her talent and time is a gift that will be recognized and treasured as it continues to provide a benefit to children with cancer and their families. Research has shown that art in hospitals creates a comfortable, caring environment and contributes to quality healing and well-being. This is one of the reasons that Striving for More chose to fund this small but impactful project.

You can see all of the before and after pictures on the Striving for More facebook page. Become a fan and join in on the conversation!

Mural Duke 1

Mural Duke 2